Edgy, original, bold, contrasting and more, you'll discover in this Maya Collection.

Commemorating a 25 year benchmark in the fabrication and design of artistic heritage furniture in Baja California, Fausto Polanco offers us his new furniture line: Maya.

To possess a unique piece of this Maya Collection is to value the work and technique of master craftsmen, that alongside the talent and tenacity of Baja natives have joined forces to offer elements that represent our contemporary cultural richness. Structured in fine woods, dressed in exquisite fabrics, accentuated with metallic tones, acquiring the most diverse forms to decorate and beautify everyday spaces.

The majority of textiles that give personality to this design proposal are of daily use by native Mayan women. Such as hand-woven 'huipiles', skirts out of manual looms, cotton belts woven with beads, shawls and ponchos with tassels to combat the cold

winters or simply to be worn in special celebrations. The search has been wide and finally three industrial textiles were chosen: velvet, suede and shaneel.

Color was chosen based on three basic trends: one traditional and two contemporary. The earth tones go from browns, to reds and olives. The daring spring tones with bright yellows, oranges and lime greens. And lastly the multicolor with extravagant explosions of color that go from fuchsia and purples to turquoise.

Various furniture structure designs were contemplated to determine which of them could be incorporated with the Mayan textiles, according to their nature and structure adding artistic flair, creative design and craftsmanship from their labor and love of exquisite beauty.

Rodeo Side Chair
$395 dlls

Curvo Sofa
$2,950 dlls

Crillon Lounge Chair
$750 dlls

Cabos Lounge Chair
$750 dlls

Sorrento Lounge Chair
$650 dlls

San Blas Ottoman
$195 dlls

Mayan Bags and Wallets
Prices vary

Cesar Sectional
$3,500 dlls

Itzel Ottoman
$550 dlls

Mayan Cube Ottoman
$195 dlls

Sedona Lounge Chair
$950 dlls

La Costa Sectional
$4,500 dlls

Sorrento Bench
$1,250 dlls

Barril Lounge Chair
$750 dlls

Antigua Bench
$650 dlls

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